Gov. Bichara to Albayanos: Be the heroes of next generation


Governor Al Francis Bichara told Albayanos to be inspired by the sacrifices of our heroes who stood before us in order to attain the country’s independence.

“I hope everyone had a meaningful observance of the 122nd Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence,” said the Governor.

“[M]ay we find time to recall and be inspired by the sacrifices of Philippine Heroes, both with names known and unknown to us, who have valiantly stood before us,” he added.

Bichara also urged his fellow Albayans to be the catalyst of change in their community and be the “heroes of the next generation.”

“May we also find the courage to continuously pursue a meaningful and lasting change in our communities and be at the forefront in building our nation, supporting each other, collectively push for genuine reforms and worthy advocacies as one people, and be the heroes of our generation,” he said.

“Albayanos join the whole Nation in celebrating this historic event. Mabuhay and Pilipinas,” he added.