Escudero on record high unemployment rate: Pay salaries of workers


Sorsogon Governor Francis Chiz Escudero said that any stimulus to help Filipinos keep their jobs must be directed to pay salaries.

The Philippine Statistics Authority reported yesterday that unemployment rate in April peaked to to 17.7%, representing 7.3 million jobless Filipinos.

“Our unemployment rate went up threefold, over 17%, in 3 months! Any stimulus plan to help Filipinos keep their jobs should be targetted and directed to pay salaries,” said the Governor

“Merely opening a loan window for SMEs and not specifying that it should be used for salaries won’t help the unemployed,” the added.

The PSA attributed the sharp increase in unemployment rate to the effects of coronavirus disease 2019.

COVID-19 pushed the government to impose community lockdows which forced the businesses to shut for almost three months.