Serious green thumbs only! San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo sells cacao plants he grew himself


San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo’s hard work cultivating cacao plants has borne fruit, so to speak.

Mabulo shared on Facebook that he is selling the cacao plans that he and his workers grew from seedlings a few months ago.

But he said these were for sale only to those who really want to nurture them.

He also made it clear that the plants wee not grown from the municipal nursery, which also offers free seedlings.

The cacao plants are the product of his sweat and hard work, so he wants someone to take care of them well!

“Im proud of the work of my hands and the hands of some of my people. We potted this Cacao seedlings few months ago in my backyard. This is for sale only for those who are seriously interested in nurturing them. Hindi po ito galing sa Municipal Nursery. Ang municipal nursery ta po yaon sa Brgy Grijalvo. Libre ang seedlings duman para sa mga taga San Fernando na gusto man magtanom. Mag coordinate lang po sa Municipal Agriculture Office,” Mabulo posted.