Junk terror bill, says Sorsogon’s first lady Heart Evangelista after studying the measure


Sorsogon’s first lady Heart Evangelista did her homework before commenting on the burning issue of the anti-terror bill.

In a Facebook post, Evangelista said she has read the bill and also talked to lawyers, human rights activists, and people she trusts so that she could really understand the measure.

She acknowledged that she’s no political expert, but she has educated herself on the issue and has chosen to use her platform to make a stand.

In her view, the bill is wrong, she said.

She could not support it as it could be easily abused, despite assurances from authorities that this would not happen.

History has shown that liberty happens when government power is limited, she said.

She hopes people in power learn from history.

She is using her heart and mind in this issue!

“For the past few days, I have been reading the bill, as well as talking to different people— lawyers, human rights activists, and people I trust to educate myself and understand more about the Anti-Terror Bill and how this will affect us all. I don’t usually talk about my political views because I am no expert but today, I’m choosing to speak out and to use my platform to take a stand.

I am not an expert but I care and I know in my heart that this is wrong. I cannot support a law that could easily be abused just because they say that they won’t abuse it. Someone once said, “The history of liberty is a history of limitations on governmental power, not the increase of it”. I hope those in power learn from history and heed this call. 🙏🏻,” Evangelista posted.