Mayor Legacion explains Naga City’s pass-through sticker scheme


Naga City Mayor Nelson Legacion has explained the pass-through sticker system in his city amid the rising number of concerns from Nagueños regarding the scheme.

Legacion said that previously, all vehicles passing though borders were escorted by a motorcycle-riding volunteer from one border to the other, like from Milaor-Naga border to Naga-Pili border.

However, the cost and the personnel requirement it entailed forced the city to switch to the pass-through sticker.

“Please note that the stickers only need to remain intact while passing through borders. As soon as the travelers get past the border and enter their destination town, they are free to alight the vehicle at anytime after that, even if they have not yet arrived at their specific targeted geographic address,” the mayor explained.

Legacion said that the local government understands the increased influx of travelers, and with people needing to access the services in other towns that require them to cross borders.

“This pass-through sticker is the quickest and most cost-efficient way we have devised to monitor ingress and egress of vehicles, without giving additional delays to travelers. At any rate, the use of pass-through sticker will be discontinued comes June 1 when Naga shall be under modified GCQ,” he said..

“We listen to our constituents and to everyone else that Naga serves. Please continue to share your thoughts and suggestions, as we appreciate them all, especially constructive ones. Thank you very much for reaching out to us via social media,” he added.