Albay Rep. Fernando Cabredo visits remote barangay


Albay Rep. Fernando Cabredo went to find out how remote barangays are faring amid the quarantine.

In a Facebook post, Cabredo said one barangay was hard to reach as there was no paved road going to the area.

But he managed to reach it and learned that it has limited funds for relief distribution amid the pandemic.

He also said the government could not distribute relief goods to the area regularly.

To make sure the people would still have something to eat, he urged the residents to grow vegetables in their homes and not to depend on the government.

He provided them with assorted vegetable seeds and cash assistance to get them started.

Looks like they would have to depend mostly on themselves!


Brgy. Panganiran is a remote barangay of Pioduran, Albay that can be reached without any paved road leading to the barangay except by passing through the Panganiran River.

In my visit, I have learned from one of the barangay officials that they only have limited fund to support relief distribution in their barangay amidst the pandemic. In this situation, the government cannot sustain the distribution of relief goods to meet the needs of every households.

To ensure that there is steady supply of food, I encouraged the residents to plant and grow vegetables in their own homes and to not only depend on the assistance from the government. Aside from the assorted vegetable seeds, I also provided small amount of cash assistance for the residents, and face masks and multivitamins for the senior citizens,” Cabredo posted.