Calapan Mayor Panaligan lauds contribution of city governments in fighting COVID19


Calapan City Mayor Arnan Panaligan has issued a solicdarity message to all the cities nationwide amid the coronavirus disease pandemic.

Panaligan, secretary general of the League of Cities of the Philippines, highlighted the role of the city governments in fighting the disease since the onset of this crisis.

“City governments have strictly enforced quarantine rules and regulations and city mayors have come up with various measures to ensure public health and safety,” said Panaligan.

“City governments have provided much needed assistance to the people whose livelihood and employment were affected by the quarantine, as well as financial and other forms of assistance to mitigate the effects of the enhanced community quarantine,” he added.

Panaligan also shared the various project initiated by the city governments such as mobile botika, mobile palengke, and other similar activities for the convenience of the population.

He added that cities which are major agricultural producers ensured that food production remain in high gear during this “critical period” in order to feed the vast number of people who are affected by the prolonged quarantine.

“More importantly, cities all over the country have focused in safeguarding the health of the citizenry. City governments have strengthened their health delivery systems. They have conducted strict monitoring of suspected and probable cases, established isolation and quarantine facilities, and promoted mass testing in their localities,” said the mayor.

“I therefore laud the efforts of my fellow city mayors for their dynamic and proactive response to this crisis and for the innovative practices that they have pursued,” he added.

Panaligan said that we cannot claim yet that the fight against COVID-19 is over.

“The war against this deadly pandemic has not yet been won. We cannot lower our guard until such time that a vaccine against COVID-19 has been developed. Let us therefore remain vigilant and continue to implement strict public health and safety measures,” he added.

“But as we look forward to the period of recovery and rehabilitation of our stalled economy, the Filipino people can rest assured that our cities will be at the forefront once again in restarting and reviving our national economy,” he vowed.

Panaligan also said that cities are considered as the “engines of economic growth” as major economic activities take place in our cities and almost half of the national gross domestic product is generated in cities.

“I am confident that once again, our cities will take the lead in national economic development and in fighting poverty when we enter the period of recovery,” Panaligan maintained.