Illegal arrest, but is there a charge? Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman wants to know


Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman is giving props to the Department of Justice for finding the warrantless arrest of a teacher who offered money for the killing of the President to be invalid.

In a Facebook post, Lagman said lauded the decision of DOJ prosecutors who thumbed down the warrantless arrest.

However, the prosecutors also found probable cause to charge the man with inciting to sedition.

This raises several questions from Lagman.

He wants to know if a case will still be filed, if the invalid arrest would be cured by the finding of probable cause and extrajudicial confession of the man, what will happen to the man before the case is filed, and whether this extrajudicial confession will work against his defense if he goes to trial.

It’s still not clear what the answers are.

Stay tuned!

“Mabuhay ang DOJ!

JUST IN: DOJ Prosecutors said the arrest of Ronnel Mas, the teacher who offered P50M to kill President Rodrigo Duterte is INVALID. | via Tetch Tupas,

Prosecutors Donald H. Macasaet, Greg Subong Jr. Dale Michael T. Villaflor and lawyers Edwin Aguirre and Ferdinand Calunsag some troubling questions though:

1. There is no issue that the warrantless arrest was invalid. BUT, will an information for Inciting to Sedition be still filed as the prosecutor found probable cause?
2. Can the invalid arrest be “cured” with the existence of probable cause and/or by the extrajudicial confession of Mr. Mas?
3. What happens to teacher Ronnel Mas from the time he was arrested until the information for Inciting to Sedition is filed?
4.Will the extrajudicial confession of Mr. Mas be fatal to his defense if this case reaches trial?” Lagman posted.