We can afford to end lockdown after May 15, says Albay Rep. Joey Salceda


Albay Rep. Joey Salceda has made careful study of the possible scenarios, and he believes the country could reopen after May 15.

In a Facebook post, Salceda said he had scrutinized the evolving numbers, emerging scenarios and the national strategies and their implementation, and had discussions with data scientists, chaos theorists, and economists.

He said the country is ready for a reopening and its consequences than for another hard lockdown.

But he said the government should also prepare for episodic spikes in cases and not respond by immediately locking down.

He said quarantines may be imposed locally, managed by local government units and not barangays.

People should also continue to follow protocols like frequent hand washing, wearing face masks, avoiding crowds, and maintaining physical distancing.

The government should also increase testing, tracing, and treatment.

If these are followed, we could lift the lockdown while remaining safe!

“Re May 15: I have studied twice, thrice and sp many times the evolving numbers, emerging scenarios and the national strategies and their implementation. I have discussed and with data scientists, chaos theorists, and economists.

At this time, I am prepared (with a lot of trembling inside, thunder and lightning outside) to say that we are more ready for the consequences of a reopening even as we await a vaccine possibly in 2021 than for the impacts of another hard lockdown as we know it. Human behavior in our institutions and in the public has begun to be more prepared for the ups and downs of an epidemic.

But, first – I hope government strategists would steel our nerves during episodic spikes in cases and not fall for the easy default of an unplanned lockdown which we can only do at the expense of resources for our recovery. Localized maybe but LGU-managed not barangay-directed. Second, we must all do our part – the low-cost non-pharmaceutical interventions: wash your hands, wear facemasks, avoid crowds, and maintain physical distancing even at home. Third, the NTF should continue to increase testing, tracing, and treatment – achieve 8k/day by May 15 and 30k/day by May 30.

We were discussing just last time among the thinkgroup that the approach should be akin to supply chain management. No part of the day’s activities should disproportionately expose anyone to the possibility of infection

May God bless the Philippines and our people we love so much.

Full strategy paper to follow,” Salceda posted.