Right decision! Masbate BM Arevalo takes pride in running independent last polls


Masbate Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo takes pride in running independent last 2019 midterm elections, even though such move was against his “better political judgement.”

Despite running solo last elections in 2019, Arevalo still topped the race for Masbate Board Member.

“In the 2019 midterm elections, when about 99% of local candidates in Masbate [knew of some who halfheartedly joined and took their oath] ran under this administration’s banner, I belonged to the one percent [1%] who didn’t,” he said.

“Divine guidance or sheer circumspection, I thank God I opted out. Even if my decision was against my better political judgment, especially that time when being allied with a very popular president and going mainstream meant political survival and longevity,” the local politiko said.

Arevalo said that right now, he feels “pride and dignity” in taking that road less traveled by.

“But the heavens, I guess, found favor in it. I topped the SP race despite running as an “independent” and still emerged Senior Board Member of my province,” he said.

“Now, I can feel some quiet pride and dignity I never squeezed myself in to belong. What this government does shames me; its priorities scandalizing my sense of right, especially in these trying and treacherous times,” he added.

Meanwhile, Arevalo took swipe on the government’s move of shutting down the operations of ABS-CBN network in the face of this global pandemic.

“While the world is busy doing “mass testing,” this government fixates itself in silencing “mass media.” While every government in the world is trying to save “jobs”, this government couldn’t care less to seeing yet another 11,000 losing theirs. While each nation is trying to isolate and quarantine those found to be Covid 19 positive, agents of this government are busy quarantining and isolating the opposition and its critics,” he said.

“And don’t even say because it is the law. As a lawyer I should know. And the only thing that non-lawyers should know is that the law should apply to all or none at all. Justice is never meant to be selective, parochial and arbitrary,” he added.

He added that there are also more of reasons why he feels “vindicated and guilt-free” as he never slugged it out with others just to be in and “to belong and be one of the King’s men.”

“Just thinking about human rights, blind fealty to China, ballooning foreign debts, among others makes me feel blessed I never tainted my hands,” said Arevalo..

“If again called to choosing between who sits in power and what is good, I still go for the latter. As before. As always.”