Gov. Bichara appeals to Albayanos to observe IATF directives on GCQ


Albay Governor Al Francis Bichara has urged his fellow Albayanos to follow the directives of the inter-agency task force on coronavirus regarding the transition to the General Community Quarantine (GCQ).

Bichara appealed to all Albayanos to observe the following:

1. Submit yourself to the Frontliners – Help Contact Tracing in our Province to be faster and more effective. Do not be afraid to submit yourselves to our Frontliners conducting the contact tracing (PNP, Provincial Health Officers) if you have symptoms of Covid-19 infection, as you will be protected.

2. Do not let the virus hit your Families – Inform your Barangay if you have been in contact with a confirmed positive patient, fully disclose your travel history (if any), and all other important information that may help our team be more accurate in data gathering. It is your obligation to disclose all this information.

3. Confidentiality – Your identity will not be disclosed as we observe strict confidentiality of information.

4. Not declaring the truth has big consequences – Aside from the high probability of spreading the virus to your loved ones, cases may be filed against you for withholding the truth and endangering the lives of others in your community.

5. Quarantine Areas – Aside from our main quarantine area for confirmed positive patients (BRTTH), Cities, and Municipalities have their respective designated quarantine areas handled by medical teams and health officers. Just submit yourself to your leaders, should you observe symptoms of infection.

6. Border Lockdown – remain to be vigilant. Report any unauthorized entry in our borders. Even under GCQ, the whole Province is still on border lockdown.

7. Discipline – with or without authorities around, everyone is expected to observe the GCQ guidelines.

“On any environment set-up may it be ECQ or GCQ, if we will not continue to practice TRANSPARENCY, SOCIAL DISTANCING, PROPER HYGIENE-WASHING OF HANDS, CAUTION among others, the spread of the virus will continue,” the governor reminded.

Bichara said that is upon individuals to take the lead in protecting our homes from the spread of COVID-19.

“We are the first line of defense and our collective effort is needed. The only way we can totally succeed in this crisis is by working together as one family,” he said.