Albay VG Lagman: Passing, topping bar exams no longer monopolized by ‘top law schools’


Albay Vice Governor Edcel Lagman said that recent trends showed that passing and topping the bar examinations is no longer monopolized by “select law schools.”

Bicolanos Mae Diane Azores and Myra Baranda of UST-Legazpi placed first and third respectively in the 2019 bar examinations, the results of which were released yesterday.

“Passing—-and topping—-the Bar Exams is no longer monopolized by select law schools or by so-called top law schools,” said Lagman, also a lawyer, said.

“This is largely because of advances in technology and improvement in the roster of law faculty across provincial law schools,” he added.

Lagman noted that this is precisely the aim of legal education.

“It is to give all law students, regardless of the law school they are graduates of, equal opportunities to be lawyers and pursue their dreams of justice,” said the Vice Governor.

“This will eventually benefit everyone across the country who needs legal services and advocacies. It’s because they can be somehow assured, by and large, of getting competent and qualified lawyers,” he added.

Lagman also congratulated his fellow Bicolanos for their personal achievements.

“Congratulations to Diane Mae M. Azores of Legazpi City for placing first and Myra M. Baranda of Bacacay, Albay for placing third in the 2019 Bar Exams! Both are graduates of UST-Legazpi (formerly Aquinas University),” he said.