Sorsogon’s first lady Heart Evangelista makes her own palaman


Sorsogon’s first lady Heart Evangelista has gone back to an old childhood recipe for a homemade snack.

In a Facebook post, Evangelista said homemade items just feel better, and these include snacks.

She shared a photo of her recent snack that consisted of homemade pandesal and spread.

She said the spread was something that she and her sister learned to make when they were children.

But she didn’t divulge its recipe just yet. It would be featured on her blog soon, she said.

Stay tuned!

“Everything homemade just feels better! 😍 Today we’re having homemade pandesal and spread. The spread is something my sister and I learned to make when we were kids. 🧡 It’ll be up on the vlog soon! 😊,” Evangelista posted.