Enough with the China hate, says San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo

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San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo can’t help but notice that there has been so much hate for China in social media posts following the COVID 19 health crisis.

In a Facebook post, he asked people not to forward propaganda materials that he said foment hate.

At this time, what people need is solidarity in the face of the pandemic, he added.

He said the entire world is affected by the virus, which means everybody should work together and help instead of fighting each other.

What if it’s about what’s happening in the West Philippine Sea?

“Been getting a lot of content on Social Media with so much hate propaganda against China due to Corona Virus. Pls refrain from forwarding propaganda materials that only generate hate. What we need is solidarity in order to combat this Pandemic. The whole world is affected so all the people in the world should work hand in hand and help each other out instead of fighting against each other,” Mabulo posted.