VP Robredo’s daughter Tricia called for Erap’s resignation when she was in grade one

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Vice President Leni Robredo believes it is important to let children express how they feel about what is happening in the country now that is is under quarantine due to the COVID 19 threat.

And people may just be surprised about what they have to say.

To illustrate her point, Robredo shared a drawing and a note that her daughter Tricia drew when she was in grade one.

The main event at that time was the impeachment trial of President Joseph Estrada.

Robredo remembered being surprised when Tricia drew the figure of a girl carrying a sign that read “Erap Resign.”

It was followed by a note calling on Senators to tell the truth and to resign along with Estrada.

The Vice President said she had been surprised to see these because she and husband Jesse rarely discussed their work with their children.

But it turned out that kids knew more than the parents expected.

So don’t be afraid to ask kids to share their thoughts!

“There are moments in history that are best captured from the mouths (or in this case, hands) of babes.

Tricia was 5 or 6 years old and was in Grade One during the Erap Impeachment. Apparently, they talked about current events in class (Jess and I rarely discussed work when we were with our kids).

Days after EDSA 2 happened, Tricia’s teacher gave me these. Haha.I remember being so surprised because, apart from watching the news on TV at home, we never really discussed the impeachment with them.

Apologies to my friends who may be alluded to. But posting these because it may be good to ask our kids to write about what they are feeling now amidst all the things happening around them,” Robredo posted.