Legazpi Councilor Vince Baltazar remembers great grandma on her death anniversary


Legazpi Councilor Vince Baltazar is making sure his deceased loved ones are remembered even beyond All Souls’ Day.

In a Facebook post, Baltazar remembered the death anniversary of his great grandmother Julita Encinas-Yap-Peralta Montalban.

He said he would be forever grateful to his lola and the family would always love her.

He also asked for her continued guidance.

We’re sure she’s smiling from up above!

“Death is a celebration of Life, a Life with God and a life we will forever be remembered..

A blessed anniversary to you in heaven my Great Grandmother Julita Encinas-Yap-Peralta Montalban! We are forever greatful to you lola.. we love you always.. may you Guide us everyday..,” Baltazar posted.