Naga Mayor Nelson Legacion bars residents of Milaor from his city after a woman from there tests positive for COVID 19


Naga Mayor Nelson Legacion is making sure that a COVID 19 patient from Milaor would not infect more people.

On Facebook, Legacion announced that he had barred residents of Milaor from entering Naga after a 48 year old female resident tested positive for the disease.

The patient has been on quarantine, but it was also possible that she had made contact with other people.

He said he had called Milaor Mayor Anthony Reyes about the patient, and then ordered a lockdown against Milaor residents.

At the same time, he reminded Naga residents to stay at home.

Mabuti ng maingat!


PH763 is a 48-year old female resident of Milaor, Camarines Sur. She returned from Manila last March 5, saw a doctor at BMC and was swab tested on March 17. The positive result was reported only yesterday eve.

Although PH763 had since been on quarantine, there is a possibility of her having made contacts with people.

For this reason and after calling Mayor Anthony Reyes, I immediately ordered a lockdown against Milaor residents. This means that, temporarily, residents of Milaor will not be allowed entry to Naga City.

For hospital employees and patients or relatives of the latter, please coordinate with your mayor or MHO.

Guys, to remain free from COVID-19, you have to STAY in your HOME!,” Legacion posted

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