Albay VG Lagman says COVID-19 ‘great equalizer’


Albay Vice Governor Edcel Lagman believes that the coronavirus disease 2019 puts everyone in equal footing.

Lagman said that the coronavirus disease chooses no one, regardless of status in life or race.

“I remember a law professor who once said that the Bar exams is the great equalizer. Because whether you’re rich or poor; whether you’re a man or a woman or someone in between; a graduate of a top-tier law school or an obscure fourth-rate one, once you pass it, you’re equal to everyone who has passed it. Including the topnotchers. Because you’ll all be lawyers,” he explained.

“Well, this Covid-19 is more apt to be referred to as the great equalizer. Because whether you are the most powerful man on earth or one just existing on skid row, you can get it. Whether you’re a Holywood celebrity or someone who’s invisible, you can get it. Whether you look like Brad Pitt or Brod Pete, you can get it. Whether you’re a trillioner or a daily wage earner, you can get it,” he opined.

Lagman said that the challenges we’re all facing, the confusion and the doubts, the pain and the tragedies, are all lessons in humility.

“Huwag masyadong maging mayabang. Huwag masyadong greedy and materialistic,” said vice governor.

He also said that there are more “important things like love, people who need us, friends and family.

“We are all confronted by our own mortality. Kaya we should discover and prioritize what’s the most important things in life. We should all embrace our humanity,” he said.

“Because whether we’re South-East Asian, African, North or South American, European we live in just one planet. And, under pain of being corny and paraphrasing Disney’s Pocahontas,
‘we’re all connected to each other’.”