Duterte salute can replace physical contact, says San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo


Social distancing is the norm nowadays as part of efforts to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

This was why handshakes, hand blesses, and kisses are to be avoided, noted San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo.

To replace these, he suggested that people instead do the Duterte fistbump, which involves raising a clenched fist.

But what about those who aren’t a fan of the chief executive?

“Humor under pressure. Pero seryosohon ta po ini. Bawal na po muna ang pag bisa/mano/bless, pag abrasa/kamay/handshake, besobeso/kiss, guardians greetings. Pwede po Duterte fistbump na lang muna. Social Distancing is now in effect,” Mabulo posted.

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