Voter fraud? Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman laments brewing trouble at councilors league’s election


It looks like even election of councilors’ league officials ins’t spared from polling problems and fraud allegations.

Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman lamented the failure of elections at the polling for new officers of the Philippine Councilors’ League.

In a Facebook post, Lagman said the automated polling system showed errors and glitches, so the Department of Interior and Local Government recommended the declaration of a failure of elections.

The National Board also passed a resolution for an immediate investigation.

A proposal to continue elections manually was shut down since many councilors had already left the venue.

Lagman, himself a former councilor, said he felt bad for first-terrmers who may think this kind of controversy and disenfranchisement is normal in the league.

It is never right to cheat to get what you want; the end never justifies the means, he said.

Don’t accept questionable results and actions!

“Latest update to guide all councilors about the most unfortunate failure of elections in the PCL’s nationals:

1. An emergency meeting of the National Board (NB) was called at about 5 PM today to discuss the PCL National Elections. The DILG, supervising agency of the elections, thru Usec. Densing and Director Pasaraba, explained that after several testings of the automated system, it showed errors and glitches . They recommended to the NB to declare a failure of elections After a long discussion, NB passed a resolution postponing the elections to a later date and an Ad Hoc Committee is formed to coordinate with DILG to set the date of elections within 60 days from today. On whether it will be regional or provincial level, the committee will make a recommendation to NB within 10 days;

2. The NB also passed a resolution to conduct an immediate investigation on the failure of the automated syatem and to report its recommendations to the NB within 15 days from today . A committee was formed to conduct the investigation and the board approved a 3 -man committee with Corro( Muntinlupa), Garcia ( Cebu ) and Icay ( Taguig) as members;

3. On the proposal of Salceda to continue with the elections manually, it was defeated by a majority vote of NB as it will deprive the great majority of councilors (who have left the venue already) to participate in the elections thru no fault of their own; continuing with the elections manually without the necessary guidelines and with only a minority of councilors present will not be able to derermine the true will of the majority;

4. A formal statement on the results of the NB meeting shall be made thru social media.

5. Both Salceda and Dayanghirang accepted the NB resolutions and they both abstained from voting.

As a former councilor, I can only feel sad for the 1st-termers. Baka isipin nila na normal lang ‘to. Mahirap nang mamulat sila sa ganitong sistema na pinaiiral ang ganid at pilit na isinasangtabi ang karapatang bumoto na may tunay na kalayaan. Na pwede palang mangatwiran sa mali. Na okay lang gawin lahat ng pamamaraan (kahit iligal) makamtan lang ang ninanais na resulta. The end never justifies the means,” Lagman posted.