Marinduque Rep. Lord Velasco gives free checkups to lolo and lola


Marinduque Rep. Lord Velasco is determined to show his love for the elderly.

Velasco recently inspected the facilities for his LAV ko si Lolo LAV ko si Lola Program, which woud provide free check ups and access to services like laboratory tests and x-rays to senior citizens.

In a Facebook post, he said health care had been one of the biggest challenges when he started out as a politiko in his province.

But it now has a provincial hospital, and now better treatment is coming for the elderly.

May they live long!

“Conducted an ocular inspection of facilities for the LAV ko si Lolo LAV ko si Lola Program. Very happy with the much improved provincial hospital. When we started out, health care was one of the biggest challenges in our province. Now, together with Governor Presby Velasco and the Provincial Government of Marinduque, we are facing this challenge head-on and are working together to bring quality medical services to our constituents. The LAV ko si Lolo, LAV ko si Lola program will give our senior citizens, free check-ups and access to much needed medical services like laboratory tests, xrays, etc., in a much improved hospital environment. Brighter days ahead for our beloved lolos and lolas ❤️,” Velasco posted.

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