Mayors could be great national leaders, says Calapan’s Panaligan


Calapan City Mayor Arnan Panaligan said that the best persons to lead the national government are those who have experience in local governance.

Panaligan shared the book he’s reading, “If Mayors Ruled the World” by Benjamin Barber.

According to the mayor, Barber argues that national governments in almost all countries in the world are “dysfunctional, too slow to respond to a variety of issues and problems and distracted by divisive politics and infighting.”

“Cities and City Mayors, according to Barber, are in a better position to address and solve the big problems of the 21st century,” he added.

The book also discussed how City Mayors are doing a better job than national leaders in solving problems from poverty to climate change, from peace and order to trafficking in drugs and people.

“The author makes a persuasive case that the City is democracy’s best hope in a globalizing world and that City Mayors are already proving that this is so,” said Panaligan.

Of course there are exceptions, but in general, Barber’s observations have been validated by actual results and performance of City Mayors;” he added.

Panaligan also said that the “current occupant” of Malacañang who was a Davao City mayor validates the arguments of the book.

“City Halls are still the best place to recruit people for national leadership, including the Presidency,” he said.

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