VG Lagman teams up with Bicol College School of Law to provide legal aid to Albayanos


Albay Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman has partnered with the Bicol College School of Law Legal Center to provide medical and legal service to Albayanos.

The said Medical Dental Optical and Legal (MDOL) mission was held at the Albay Astrodome.

“It was understandable that the close to 1,000 beneficiaries were more interested in the free traditional health services said mission offered. Only a handful opted to avail of free legal aid services. I was a little disappointed,” Lagman said.

“But today, it was a different story. Now the spotlight was only on providing free legal services,” he said.

The vice governor expressed his gratitude to the students of BCSOL’s Legal Center for providing legal information.

Among the topics they tackled were
Cybercrime Prevention Act, the Anti-Child Abuse Act and the Dangerous Drugs Act to the senior high students of Cabangan High School.

“I am happy that many of their questions on cyber bullying, how to combat child abuse and whether medicinal marijuana is legal were answered. From their reactions, it’s fair to say that they are now more empowered,” said Lagman.

He also said that he hopes to team up with the UST-Legazpi College of Law as well as IBP-Albay Chapter Pres. Steve Resari in similar legal aid partnerships.

Lagman said that he aims to ensure that “justice is within reach especially among the more vulnerable sectors of Albay. ”

“As a lawyer,these legal aid missions are most fulfilling,” he said.

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