Iriga Mayor Madelaine Alfelor says her city is free of suspected nCoV cases

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Many areas of the country are scrambling to prevent the entry and spread of the novel coronavirus.

Iriga City is among them, but at this time, Mayor Madeleine Alfelor is relieved that her city does not have even a suspected case of the virus.

In a Facebook post, she shared a photo of the official release of the Department of Health showing the different areas of the country where there are persons under investigation for possible contact with infected people.

She also asked her constituents to check their data and make sure they only share verified information.

Know your facts, don’t add to the panic!

“THIS IS THE OFFICIAL RELEASE OF THE DEPT OF HEALTH: AWA NG DYOS WALA PONG IRIGA CITY… kindly check your data and make it sure that everything were verified/certified by the authority..,” Alfelor posted.