Thanks for the inspiration, Kobe, says Legazpi Councilor Vince Baltazar


Legazpi Councilor Vince Baltazar is one of the millions of basketball fans devastated by the death of basketball star Kobe Bryant.

Baltazar shared his own tribute for the black mamba on Facebook.

In his post, Baltazar thanked his idol Bryant for inspiring him and giving him a reason to love basketball.

The game brought him memories, entertainment, hustle, tears, excitement and the feeling of celebrating Bryant’s success, he said.

For these, he would be forever grateful.

Bryant’s death is hard to accept and he remains in denial, but he understands that he needs to move on.

Bryant may be gone, but he will forever live on in memories!

“As this sad day ends, i want to extend my deepest gratitude to my idol Kobe Bryant for inspiring and giving me reason to love the game of Basketball!

Thank you for the memories, entertainment, the hustle, tears, excitement and the feeling of celebrating your success! From deep in my Heart, Kobe, idol, blackmamba, THANK YOU! REST IN PEACE ???

To all who have died in the devastating crash, Rest in peace!


I’m still in denial but i need to accept and move on.. i love you idol Kobe24/8,” Baltazar posted.