VG Lagman’s prediction on Chinese New Year: Those born in the year of the rat will save the world

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For this Chinese New Year, Albay Vice Governor Edcel Lagman has a bold prediction: those who were born in the year of the rat — just like him — will save the universe.

Lagman also dared to say that 2020 will be his year.

“To my fellow “Ratties”, those born in 1936 (Sonny Sb Belmonte), 1948, 1960 (auntie Cristie) 1972 (ME!!!), 1984, 1996 (my kid Thomas Jacob), 2008 (my kid Diego Nicholas) and those who will be born today in 2020 and in the next 363 days: Let’s claim this Rat Year to be ours!,” he said.

Although rats were the reason why black death in Europe occured, Lagman said that rats play important role in science and humanity.

“And while rats were said to have wiped out almost half of Europe (morbid sanitation was actually to blame!) during the Black Death, i’m sure that we’re the ones destined to save the universe,” he said.

“This bold prediction—-if only because of the consistent finding of numerous scientific researches: ‘In all information integration tasks and tests versus humans, rats came out on top by applying what they learned more quickly…'” he said.

“Hail, the king and queen rats of the world!”