No to talangkang pinoy! Masbate Board Member Jason Arevalo blasts Duterte supporter for politicking amid volcanic eruption


In this time of calamity, Masbate Board Member Jason Arevalo is not happy that some people are trying to inject politics in efforts to help suffering Filipinos.

In a Facebook post, Arevalo shared a screenshot of a post from RJ Nieto, a rabid Duterte supporter who calls himself Thinking Pinoy, that dragged Vice President Leni Robredo when she went to help evacuees from the Taal Volcano eruption.

Arevalo said Taal Volcano could still erupt, lives could be in danger and towns are at risk of being decimated.

And yet personalities from either side of the political divide still find time to trade barbs.

He called for a stop for politicking from both the DDS and the dilawan, and even from the confused and in between, as there are more pressing problems to focus on.

Charity is no competition, and the displaced residents need all the help they can get, he said.

In times like this, it would be better to shut one’s mouth and just join hands in prayers and action, he added.

Arevalo said he did not know how Nieto’s post even helps the situation.

Maybe Nieto should be known as talangkang pinoy?

“Taal, Tala, Talangka

Taal is talking (and it seems she means it) and yet there are people listlessly talking behind the scene, too. And worse, they speak in voices far louder and disturbing than the main protagonist’s rumbling.

Good heavens, there is a formidable volcano waiting to erupt. Lives are in imminent danger. Peripheral towns are at risk of being decimated. Affected local economies are on a downslide. And Taal’s rumbling just couldn’t stop peeps from the opposite sides of the political continuum from throwing stones and trading barbs at each other.

Can we stop politicking in these trying times? Charity is no competition. The people of Taal and neighboring communities need all the help they can get. Whether it be from DDS, yellowtards, the confused or the in-between.

The femme fatale is still murmuring. And quite incessantly. And the message she wants to put forward is still unclear. Philvolcs can only give warnings.

In these trying times, better to shut our mouths up, and instead join hands in prayer and in action. Let us stop the mudslinging and pulling each other down. Perhaps, just perhaps, Taal will silence itself.


I just don’t know how a post such as below helps the situation.

Now in the face of this crisis, can we stop being red or yellow or what, and be just all brown? Or we can all turn grey as ash.

Taal’s recent actuvities are tragedy enough. Our inability to unite as a people even just during these trying times a greater tragedy. Let compassion and oneness with humanity serve as our North Star…,” Arevalo posted.

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