Be bold in legislation, says Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman


As Albay Vice Governor, Grex Lagman heads the provincial council that approves ordinances and resolutions.

And when it comes to this job, Lagman’s philosophy is to push the limits.

In a Facebook, Lagman shared that this was put into practice when the council debated the constitutionality of the truck ban ordinance.

He said that for him, all actions of the provincial council are deemed regular and in accordance with the law.

It is up for a court to say otherwise if the question is brought before it, he said.

According to him, legislators must be courageous and progressive minded when it comes to crafting ordinances.

He believes that this is how progress is made!

“2nd Session of the year.

Gave a short comment on the importance of “pushing the limits of legislation”. This was in response to the debate on the legality and/or constitutionality of the proposed “Truck Ban Ordinance”. My take is that all official actions of the provincial council are presumed regular and in accordance with law. It is not the look-out or job of a legislator to second guess or worry about a legislative measure’s legality. That is the court’s duty. If all the requirements concur for a court to hold that an enacted ordinance is justiciable, so be it. Before this, legislators and legislative bodies must be courageous and progressive-minded in enacting landmark ordinances.

Also with my friend, Jasper Etvalin Ace’s. The “older” brother (haha!) of one of my best friends in law school, my kumpadre and 2nd COS when i was QC councilor, Oliver Valiente Loiver Etvalin,” Lagman posted.