Good roads help lead to peace, says San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo


San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo wants to make sure the roads in his town remain in good condition, because this would have major implications.

In a Facebook post, Mabulo said insurgency begins where the road ends.

This was why he vowed to fix a road that has become a muddied wreck after the rainy season came and heavy animals walked on it.

He said the road would be cemented next year and a bridge would be built.

With better roads come better, more peaceful communities!

“Insurgency begins where the road ends… noong summer maganda na daanan dito, after the rainy season and so many carabao foot steps later, naging ganyan na. Next year sementado na ito at may tulay na, God willing. #MayorSelfie at Marangi-Calascagas road/no road yet,” Mabulo posted.