Legazpi Noel Rosal is not Santa, but he brings good news on Xmas


Legazpi Noel Rosal was up early on Christmas Day to update his constituents about typhoon Ursula.

And Rosal had good news for them.

In a Facebook post, the mayor said Ursial had moved away from Legazpi City, so it could expect good weather for the rest of Christmas Day.

He was pleased to be able to deliver this piece of good news to his constituents, although he said his mind is also with the residents of the provinces affected by the typhoon, especially Samar where it is expected to make landfall.

He hopes these areas will be able to weather this out.

Sending good vibes their way!

“update report typhoon ursula…. as of of 5am,dec25,2019…now in panay islands…moving towards mindoro ….expect good weather the rest of the day as the typhoon moves further from albay and out of PAR… it was again my pleasure to update you of the weather…salamat sa cooperation ….Thanks God although lumakas ito ng mag landfall sa samar naging typhoon 120-140 kph may Godbless them…. again merry christmas,” Rosal posted.