Support our local musicians, says Masbate Rep. Tonton Kho


Love your own, as they say.

And Masbate Rep. Tonton Kho is doing just that by promoting a local musician.

In a Facebook psot, Kho invited his friends and followers to check out singer Simplicio “Emping” Kiskisan Jr. and his band Emping.

Kiskisan is native of Bugtong Pio V. Corpus and is based in Cebu, said Kho. His band’s albums are also available on Spotify and other digital music stores.

Kho also shared a link to a video of the band’s performance, so you can listen to their music.

To spice things up, he also had a mini contest where he asked followers to say how many times a Christmas tree appeared in the video. Winners will get P200 load.

May music ka na, may load ka pa!


Introducing Simplicio ” EMPING” Kiskisan Jr. A native of Bugtong Pio V. Corpus Masbate. His band called ” EMPING” is an opm band based in Cebu and released 2 albums which is availabe on all digital stores like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music etc.

Raffle Time!!! Please comment how many times the Christmas tree appeared in the video. Please like and share the Video to qualify!

5 winners of 200php load!,” Kho posted.