Fix your hair, help a cause, says Iriga City Mayor Madelaine Alfelor

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Iriga City Mayor Madelaine Alfelor is impressed by the initiative shown by her young niece and has asked the people to support it.

In a Facebook post, Alfelor said the 11-year-old has started making and selling scrunchies for a good cause.

The scrunchies would help persons with disabilities in Iriga.

The mayor said she was amazed at how the young girl has started thinking of the future while also helping others.

With activities like this, the youth don’t have to turn to drugs, she said. All they have to do is be patient, work hard, and make a little sacrifice, and nothing would be impossible to them.

There’s hope for the youth yet!

“AMAZING!!! I am really amazed how an 11 year old girl came up with an idea of selling scrunchies with a cause (social entrep). She is already thinking of her future at the same time helping people. So why get into drugs if you can be like my niece? Why feel inferior if hardwork, patience and sacrifice are the key ingredients to nothing is impossible????.. Portion of the sale will go to the PWD rehab center of Iriga city???. Please buy now???,” Alfelor posted.