Dire warning! Masbate City Mayor Rowena Tuason shows effects of coal fired power plant

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If there is anyone doubting that a coal-fired power plant will be bad for Masbate City, Mayor Rowena Tuason is hoping the experience of Limay, Bataan will change their mind.

On Facebook, Tuason shared a video of the effects of a coal plant in Bataan which started operating in 2014.

She said people there were now getting lung cancer and fisherfolk were losing livelihood opportunities.

This is not to mention the destruction to the environment.

While getting a steady power supply is important, it should not come at the cost of the environment and people’s health, Tuason said.

She is planning a trip to Limay for those who want to see the effects of a coal-fired power plant up close, and invites all those interested to sign up.

She is doing this for love of Masbate City, which is their home, she said.

They shouldn’t be forced to leave Masbate City because of this planned power plant; it’s the plant that should go, she added.

Will Masbate City go the way of Limay?

“Hi everyone. Please WATCH this video before you comment. This was taken from Limay, Bataan. This is going to happen to us soon. This coal plant started in 2014 and now OMG people are getting sick of lung cancer, no opportunity for the fisherfolk, widespread environmental destruction.

Although we need power, i cannot deny that, but if it is at the cost of our kababayans and our nature… we can never never never accept this. I hope our other leaders feel the same.

If you care for our beautiful Masbate, would you like to come with me to Limay, Bataan and see this for ourselves? Please sign up if you want to go. Only 15 Masbateńos will be going. Hanapa la po an ngaran ko sa messenger kag didto niyo ibutang an ngaran niyo.

Please identify your name, age and from what barangay.

We are doing this because we have so much love for our place. We were raised and born here. Our loved ones are all here. We should not think to get out of Masbate because of this coal plant. The one that should get out is the Coal-fired power plant of DMCI,” Tuason posted.