Albay VG Lagman: Live a meaningful life, die with a meaningful death


Albay Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman had a reflection on the death of former Senate President Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel, Jr.

Lagman said that one must live a meaningful life to have a meaningful death, just like the late Senate President.

“All of us will die someday. That is why we must try our best to lead meaningful lives. Because surely no one wants to have a meaningless death,” said the Albay Vice Governor.

“Let the years count then. So that when it’s time to say our last goodbyes, our lives will continue in the memories of the living whom we have touched for the better. Such was the honorable life led by Sen. Nene. His legacy will surely live on,” said Lagman.

Lagman also thanked Pimentel for the services he rendered for the Philippines

“Thank you, Tatay Nene, for inspiring and teaching us Filipinos to live life well,” hs said.

Pimentel passed away last Sunday. He was 85 years old.

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