Look at little Leni! VP Robredo visits kindergarten teacher, shares old class picture


Vice President Leni Robredo may have come so far, but she still remembers her kindergarten teacher who she visited recently.

Robredo joined the “nth” birthday celebration of her teacher Julio Ebio, along with her other schoolmates.

On Facebook, she shared a photo of her with her teacher during the party, and also posted her old kindergarten class picture from way back.

In the black and white photo, she sat in the middle row and sported pigtails.

Who could have guessed little Leni would become the second highest executive official in the land?

“Sieg Borromeo and I were in her kindergarten class almost 5 decades ago. She was Teacher Julie Ebio to us, who were 5-year-olds then. Tonight, we celebrated her nth birthday, along with a few other schoolmates who were also her kindergarten students. I am posting our Class Picture here with her. I am the one in pigtails in the middle row with an x mark. Sieg is 2nd to the right from me,” Robredo posted.