Timely completion of P137M road projects in CamNorte ‘unlikely’ – COA


by Allan Yves Briones

The Commission on Audit (COA) remarked that the provincial government of Camarines Norte is “unlikely” to finish two road infrastructure projects worth P137M, delaying the utilization of local funds and benefits.

According to the 2018 annual audit report, Camarines Norte posted accomplishment rates of as low as 2.47 percent – in violation of accepted government practices.

In 2018, local officials entered into a contract for the concreting of two major roads in the province: the Angas Lidong and Sto. Domingo to Fabrica farm-to-market roads (FMR).

However, a review of the physical progress of the projects showed that, in the case of the Angas Lidong FMR, what should’ve been a done deal by December 19, 2018, is yet to be half-completed.

Source: 2018 Annual Audit Report on the Province of Camarines Norte

The agreed upon period for the Angas Lidong FMR was 243 calendar days (CD) starting from April 21, 2018, however the original contract has since expired.

“[T]here was a change in the date of contract from 209 to 303 CDs, thus, expiration of contract is on February 17, 2019. There was no submitted supporting documents including evidentiary supports on contract time extensions,” COA stated in the report.

Meanwhile, the Sto. Domingo to Fabrica FMR has posted an accomplishment rate of 2.47 percent – referring to merely the mobilization fee of the contractor.

“Considering the status of on-going implementation of the two subprojects…the timely completion of these projects is unlikely,” COA said.

The state auditing agency ordered that the provincial government direct its contractors to fast track the completion of the projects and regularly monitor the status of implementation.

According to the Provincial Engineer, as stated in the report, the delays in the Sto. Domingo FMR were caused by the issuance of work suspension orders approved by the governor. #