Beauty and brains, indeed! Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman impressed with intelligent beauties

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They’re definitely not just eye candy.

Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman came away seriously impressed when he met the candidates of the Ms. Earth pageant recently.

Lagman, in a Facebook post, said they were highly educated, intense, and gave heartfelt answers as they defended their advocacies.

They were so knowledgeable about environmental matters that they could serve as lecturers at the environment department or the weather bureau, he said.

He also learned a lot from them even if he could not understand some of the high-falutin terms they sued, he said.

What further tickled him pink was the American candidate’s dissing of US President Donald Trump for not believing in climate change.

The earth is in good hands with these kinds of advocates!

“2019 Ms. Earth Press Conference. Saving Mother Earth.

Sobrang educated, intense and heartfelt yung mga advocacies nila.?Well, it’s because this is essentially still a competition. Among uber beautiful intelligent and strong women at that. Just said on record na marami sa kanila pwede nang maging lecturer sa DENR o Pagasa o kahit sa EPA ng U.S.! ?

But, seriously, I learned many innovative practices from them. Nosebleed nga lang ibang highfallutin terms. And I was very happy Ms. USA dissed Donald Trump for not believing in climate change. I congratulated her in fact. ??,” Lagman posted.