Natural dengue fighter! Albay Rep. Fernando Cabredo wants more citronella plants


Albay Rep. Fernando Cabredo is turning to a natural way to fight dengue.

Cabredo, in a Facebook post, said he would like to introduce citronella in the communal garden of women planters.

Citronella, he said, is an effective natural insect repellent. He described it as an anti-dengue plant, likely because it is expected to keep mosquitoes at bay.

He said that in planting citronella, he also hopes to eventually produce candles, oils, lotions, and other products from the plant, which could be used to ward off insects.

This would help fight dengue while providing livelihood opportunities for women planters, he said.

It looks like a win-win!


Citronella, an effective natural insect repellant is the plant that we would like to introduce and propagate in the communal garden of our women planters.

In this new venture, we aim to produce candles, oils, lotions and many others that are used to ward off insects and we are looking into providing additional livelihood opportunities to our women planters,” Cabredo posted.