Be careful what you wish for! Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman remembers matchbox gift


Some people take things too literally, as Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman found out as a child.

This was when his father asked him what he wanted for a gift for his 7th birthday, and he said he wanted match box, referring to the small car models.

But his dad gave him boxes and boxes of matches instead. It was a good thing he did not start setting things on fire, he added.

He remembered this when he saw a news item about a kid who got an eye pad from his grandma when he actually wanted an ipad.

Hey, it’s the thought that counts!

“When i was about to turn 7, pa asked me anung gusto kong gift. Sabi ko, “match box”. Kala ko toy car makukuha ko. Pero, mga iba’t-ibang klaseng kahon ng posporo yung binigay. Pero, in fairness, ang dami nun. Buti di ako naging arsonista! Lol

Kaya when i saw this picture ng kid na

‘to thanking his lola for his “ipad”, the “memories” came rushing back to me! 😂,” Lagman posted.