Albay Capitol raises awareness on rabies prevention


The Albay Capitol, through its veterinary office, held a whole-day seminar on rabies prevention and a veterinary medical mission in Albay Farmers Bounty Village, Camalig, Albay.

The awareness progam is part of the celebration of the World Rabies Day today.

“The series of lectures and forum aimed to promote rabies awareness and responsible pet ownership among 122 High School students who attended,” the provincial capitol said.

Meanwhile, free and simultaneous ligation for pets and castration (male pets) and spaying (female pets) activity at the Veterinary Office compound were likewise provided.

“These events are initial actions of the Provincial Government of Albay through AVO to eradicate the rabies cases in Albay. It also showcases the importance of pet population control through free veterinary medical services,” said the Capitol.

Provincial Veterinarian Officer Dr. Florencio F. Adonay urged pet owners to be responsible in taking their pets in their custody, as he shared the basic ways to responsible pet care, which include providing them a clean and protected living environment, clean drinking water and sufficient feeding, and regular bath.

Adonay also said that there were five human death cases due to rabies and 35 dogs that were positive for rabies in 2018. Consequently, there were two human death cases and 22 dogs positive for rabies currently reported, which might go higher toward the end of this year.

“Cooperation between the government and the pet owners is highly needed,” he said.

The celebration for this year’s Word Rabies Day carried the theme, “Rabies: Vaccinate to Eliminate.”

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