No dark nights! Brooke’s Point Councilor Ton Abengoza buys giant candle for blackouts


Because of three days of power interruptions in Brooke’s Point, Councilor Ton Abengoza made sure he is prepared.

Abengoza said on Facebook that he was prompted to buy a giant candle in a big pail that he would use to ward off the darkness.

He shared a photo of the giant candle and said it even had a mosquito-repellant scent.

It’s no joke, he assured his followers, and said they could buy it at Ace Hardware.

Not only is it useful, it’s also safe because its tin container would not tip over.

Be prepared like the konsehal!

“At dahil sa 3 araw ng brownout sa aking mahal na bayan ng Brooke’s Point, napilitan na akong bumili ng isang timba na kandila!

May “mosquito repellant scent” pa po ito.

Totoo po na meron nito sa SM Ace Hardware.

Safe pa sa sunog dahil lata po ito at walang pagkatumba! (Y),” Abengoza posted.