Huli pero di patay! Brooke’s Point Councilor Ton Abengoza marvels at 15-foot python


It’s not everyday when one is able to see a 15-foot python in the flesh.

Brooke’s Point Councilor Ton Abengoza must have been fascinated, which was why he shared a photo of the snake in a Facebook post.

According to Abengoza, the python was caught by residents of Barangay Saraz when they saw it eating a live chicken.

But they did not kill it and instead turned it over to barangay officials.

They also got in touch with personnel of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for the proper care and safekeeping of the python.

The snake may be scary, but it doesn’t mean it has to be slaughtered!

“A 15-foot python was captured by residents in Bgy. Saraza when they saw that the reptile caught eating live chicken.

As per Bgy. Saraza Chairman, Kap. Romel Mahinay, The said reptile was caught by Mr. Andejo Mir last Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019 @ around 9:00 pm by a trap (silo) and turned-over to Barangay officials today.

A DENR personnel was sought for proper care and safekeeping…” Abengonza shared on Facebook.

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