Ready! Mayor Legacion ensures necessary preparations underway amid threats of tropical depression


Naga City Mayor Nelson Legacion has ensured Nagueños that everyone is on guard amid the threats of a tropical depession.

Legacion said that necessary preparations are underway just in case the tropical depression brings heavy rains in Naga City.

“Re Tropical Depression that is threatening us (named Jenny if it becomes TS, sana dae), necessary preparations are underway to keep us safe,” the mayor said.

“Among others, Engrs Alex Caning and Joel Pascual Martin and their teams were already instructed and are now checking the waterways and outfalls of flood prone areas which must be cleared of debris and obstructions.),” he added.

Legacion also asked his constituents to be prepared and ready just in case of emergency.

“Everyone is asked to prepare but to stay calm. God bless Naga,” he said.