CamSur Gov. Villafuerte orders implementation of intensified anti-dengue measures


Camarines Sur Governor Miguel Villafuerte as ordered the implementation of “intensified” dengue prevention measures amid the epidemic declaration by the Health department.

The Department of Health has declared a national dengue epidemic the other day.

Villafuerte issued a memorandum mandating all CamSur Mayors/MDRRMC Chairpersons to implement the following:

1. Conduct a 24/7 monitoring of Dengue cases in their areas of responsibility and submit their report to the Governor everyday at 5:00 PM through the Dengue Monitoring Infolink managed by the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council;

2. Instruct all Rural Health Units to coordinate directly with the Provincial Health Office for the Infolink management;

3. Establish a blood bank directory that is strictly for Dengue patients use only;

4. Implement a massive Search and Destroy Operation of all breeding ground for mosquitos through a province-wide regular simultaneous cleanup for eight consecutive Fridays starting on August 9, 2019 in all barangays of all municipalities;

5. Conduct an information and education campaign to every household about the 4S Kontra Dengue: (1) Search and Destroy breeding places, (2) Seek early consultation, (3) Self-protection measures, and (4) Say yes to fogging in times of impending outbreak;

6. Convene the MDRRMC to prepare a contingency plan for possible implementation in case of Dengue outbreak.

Villafuerte said that his memorandum is for “strict compliance.”