Idol si Isko? San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo improves local slaughterhouse

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San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo is taking steps to improve the town’s slaughterhouse, and it looks like he was inspired by the action of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno.

Moreno had been dismayed when he visited the Vitas slaughterhouse in his city and had vowed to clean up the filthy facility.

Mabulo, in a Facebook post, shared a photo of his visit to San Fernando’s slaughterhouse and said finishing touches were being done to it

He said he did not want to be embarrassed in front of Moreno if San Fernando would not have a clean facility for the slaughter of pigs and cows for meat.

Is he taking his inspiration from the Manila Mayor?

“Finishing touches being done on our Municipal Slaughterhouse. Nakakahiya kay Mayor Isko pag wala kaming katayan ng baka at baboy na maayos. #MayorSelfie,” Mabulo posted.