Values and character! Calapan Mayor Panaligan leads launching of children’s book

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Calapan City Mayor Arnan Panaligan spearheaded the launching of a children’s book which seeks to promote values and character among kids.

Panaligan led in the launching of the book entitled “Magandang Ugali Para sa Magandang Buhay,” yesterday.

The city government said that the bool will serve as “manual and guide of the Child Development Workers (CDWs) in teaching good values and character to pre-school children in the city’s 72 Child Development Centers.”

“The book was a result of collaborative efforts of the City Social Welfare and Development Department headed by Mrs. Juvy Bahia, the City College of Calapan headed by Dr. Rene Colocar and the Child Development Workers,” said the city government

Panaligan, according to the city governement, initiated the project to make the Child Development Centers, formerly the day care centers, as the venue to intensively train young children, ages 3 to 6, in values and good character

Mayor Panaligan said it is the good character of the citizenry that makes a strong, peaceful and progressive nation.

“The teaching of 8 character traits are emphasized in the book, namely: Godliness, Patriotism, Honesty, Discipline, Cleanliness, Responsibility, Respectfulness, and Generosity,” said the city government.