Mayor Panaligan leads meeting on Calapan River rehab program


Mayor Arnan Panaligan has presided the meeting of the Calapan River Rehabilitation Program Management Committee.

Panaligan’s office said that the rehabilitation of Calapan River is one of the flagship projects of the City Government of Calapan.

The council members present during the meeting agreed the following projects and activities:

1. Intensified information and education campaign on the need to maintain the cleanliness and to improve the quality of water of Calapan River;

2. Enforcement of laws and regulations against establishments causing pollution of Calapan River;

3. Enforcement of easement rules along Calapan River;

4. Resettlement of informal settlers along the banks of the river;

5. Regular desilting and dredging of Calapan River;

6. Demolition of illegal structures along the river and creeks;

7. Feasibility study on sewerage and septage facility; and

8. Department of Environment and Natural Resources to check compliance by subdivisions to the Clean Water Act.

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