Healthy ice cream? Puerto Pirincesa Councilor Jimmy Carbonell enjoys his veggies in a unique way


Puerto Pirincesa Councilor Jimmy Carbonell had an ice cream treat that surely did not leave him feeling very guilty.

After enduring the pouring rain, Carbonell decided to go for a cold treat— malunggay ice cream from Yamang Bukid.

On Facebook, he shared a photo of himself enjoying the ice cream and said he almost missed it as the product nearly ran out.

He also said it was his cheat day anyway, so he was determined to enjoy it.

But if his ice cream is made of malunggay, it’s not such a sinful indulgence after all!

“Hehehe pagkatapos ng malakas na buhos ng ulan, d nakatiis at nilantakan ang napakasarap na malunggay ice cream ng Yamang Bukid, order na kyo, kamuntik pa ko naubosan, its cheat day naman kya humataw…,” Carbonell posted.