Masbate Rep. Tonton Kho hosts games on Facebook


Masbate Rep. Tonton Kho’s Facebook page ins’t just for updates on his life, you can also get a cash prize from visiting it.

That is if you join the games he hosts on his page.

In a recent post, Kho said his wife is sponsoring a game where visitors of the page just have to guess the person behind the blurry photo that they would post.

It’s called the “Guess Who Challenge,” and all the contestants have to do is throw out a name. If nobody gets the correct answer, the photo will become clearer and clearer.

The one who will get the correct answer will get P500 worth of load or cash.

We bet games like this will motivate people to visit his Facebook page!

“Dahil naka 1k likes na, eto na pa-games ni Mayora! 😉

New game, everyone! Dahil tapos na tayo sa GUESS WHAT’S IN MY HAND challenge, let’s have another game! This game is called GUESS WHO CHALLENGE!

Simple lang mechanics… We’ll be posting a pic (blurry nga lang) and hulaan nyo kung sino yan. Haha. After 1 hour na di pa nahuhulaan, the picture will become clearer and clearer.

Syempre dapat umabot muna ng 500 likes (kasi 500 php yung premyo e 😝) before namin i-entertain yung mga answers 😉

Tip: Every picture is anything under the sun ha. Not specifically from Masbate but mostly mga iconic.

Game! Clue # 1, this has got to do with the date 😏😉

Here’s the catch!

Winner will receive P500 worth of load or CASH thru pera padala.


Dahil first pic palang, mahirap muna. Haha! Less blurred pic will be posted in the comment section! Sobrang easy!,” Kho posted.