Ex-Masbate VG Revil vows to make a difference even in private capacity


Even though she’s out of public service, former Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil vowed to do her “very good” mindset to all her endeavors.

Revil ended her term as Masbate vice governor last June 30 after losing her bid as a congresswoman in the May 2019 polls.

“Today marks the start of my no longer being in public service. My term as Masbate’s VG- Vice Governor officially ends. Then again, the commitment to be VG continues. Very Good,” the former vice governor said.

“In whatever capacity. At all & at most times. The passion for that power to empower others subsists beyond the position,” she added.

Revil also congratulated all the public officials who started their three year terms as she urged them to use their position to help Masbateños.

“Congrats to all those starting out with this term of office 2019-2022. May you use your position to the best of your abilities for the welfare of your constituency. May God guide you & may He bless the Philippines,” she said.

Revil meanwhile vowed to make a difference even in a private capacity.

“As for me, I will always strive to make a difference, but now in my private capacity. Thankful to my partners in @gdpinternational for this opportunity to continue with our advocacies for the youth & for our country’s future,” she said.

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